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Impress your guest, Offer a delightful stay at your hotel
A satisfaction smile on your guest face is worth all your hardwork and expenses. It is customer satisfaction and comfort that facilitates your business to grow. You can satisfy your customer SMARTLY by using Igenie Smart automation.

Implementing Igenie Smart automation solutions in your hotel you not only save on your overall operating costs but also satisfy your guests greatly.

Igenie Smart automation Advantages
  • Make your guest feel special
  • Customer satisfaction
  • Guest privacy and safety
  • Luxury, comfort, and relaxation
  • Reduced overall energy costs
  • Better operational efficiencies
  • Effective management of resources
  • Central control of all facilities
  • Enjoy high return on investment
The Guest Room Automation System enables hotel owners to provide their guests the convenience of controlling multiple functions in their room including lighting, temperature, drapes and audio/video systems using automated interfaces. Our hotel automation solutions have enabled our customers to experience high return on investment through improved operational efficiencies, reduced energy costs, effective management of resources, total guest comfort and convenience, and enhanced customer services.

The system is designed to provide following convenience at the finger tips of the hotel guests, through a touch screen pad installed at the bed-side

Light Control
Curtain Control
AC Control
Room Status Control
Control any light within the room from touch pad. Set light scenarios and moods. Automated control of curtain open or close. Control the room AC through the touch pad along with the speed. Press a button on touch pad to activate Do Not Disturb sign outside room.
TV and Program Control
Door Camera Viewing
Room Service
Stay Connected
Watch any channel, control the volume of the Tv through the touch panel. Select your favourite actor and watch all his movies just at your finger tips. When someone knocks the door, view the visitor on TV/touch pad before opening the door. Choose from the menu which can be viewed from the touch pad and place order at the touch of button. View Youtube, Visit Facebook or browse internet on the touch screen pad!.

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